Peak Birthing

So congratulations are presumably in order if you are reading this page! Whatever your stage of pregnancy, we imagine you are feeling very excited about your forthcoming arrival. Possibly a bit apprehensive too? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Maybe that’s how you have come to find our page. Whatever the reason, well done, you’ve taken the first step towards getting more information on what lies ahead and providing a great future for your little one.


Antenatal education comes in many forms but its overall aim is to help couples feel more prepared throughout their pregnancy. We passionately believe that the more prepared for labour you are, the more positive your experience you will be. The effects of a positive birth on your baby, yourself and your partner are well recognised and go beyond the initial event, not only into the early days and months of parenthood, but also into the years ahead.


Beryl is a retired community midwife and Laura is a local GP. Their courses are packed full of reliable information and are delivered in a fun, interactive and friendly manner. They have developed their own method to teach you about the birth process and hope to provide you with tools to enable you to deal, confidently, with whatever crops up.  They want you to leave the course feeling excited, empowered and positive about the future events.


Peak Birthing is accredited by FEDANT – the federation of antenatal educators.