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About Us

Good antenatal classes should help prepare you for the arrival of your baby; from the onset of labour through to the first few weeks of becoming a parent. They should help to provide a friendly environment where you can meet others at a similar stage of pregnancy.

Dr Laura Spells and community midwife Beryl Chatterton, have set up ‘Peak Birthing’ to provide antenatal education to expectant parents, in the Matlock, Darley Dale and Bakewell area.

Laura and Beryl met when Laura was pregnant with her second child and Beryl was her midwife. They realised that they shared a passion for antenatal education as a means to enable people to take control of something which can seem daunting but which could, and should be positive and fulfilling, and shared belief of how much more positive a birth experience you can have if you are prepared.

Who We Are

Beryl Chatterton

Beryl Chatterton

Beryl retired in 2017 as a community midwife, a job she did for 40 years, within the NHS. She has worked locally in hospital and in the community at both the former Darley Birth Centre and thereafter at the Darley Community Base at Whitworth Hospital.
She therefore has a wide range of experience of delivering babies, including home births. Antenatal education has been a big part of her role throughout her career and she brings a wealth of experience.

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Dr Laura Spells

Dr Laura Spells

Laura initially qualified as a nurse in 2003, and was inspired to go on to medical school. She qualified as a doctor in 2008 and has recently completed her GP training and is now working in the Chesterfield area. She has always had an interest in Obstetrics and completed her elective placement during her training in Zambia, where she gained a great deal of experience in challenging circumstances. She continued to gain obstetric experience during her GP training and intends to develop a specialist interest in this field. She has two young boys, the first born at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and the second born at home. She is currently pregnant and is expecting her third child early next year.