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Peak Birthing Antenatal Course

This antenatal course aims to prepare you and your birth partner for the birth. It is also designed to show you how to feed your baby and how to deal with what you can expect in the first few weeks that follow the birth. We believe the more knowledge you have, the more prepared and confident you will feel when you go into labour. We want you to leave our course feeling excited and positive about the forthcoming events, and that you feel ready to tackle anything!


The ideal time to start the course is after 28 weeks, but please contact us at any stage of your pregnancy. We will happily advise you.


You can attend our classes with your partner, a friend or a relative, or on your own. We welcome everyone to the group and hope to provide a relaxed, informal environment in which people are happy to ask questions at any time. There is no pressure to participate and if you simply want to sit back and listen, that is fine too.


Feedback from the last year was very encouraging, but the one thing that cropped up time after time was that we should extend our course to cover four sessions rather than three. We have listened and, accordingly, we have adapted the course as follows:

Session 1: What happens during childbirth

  • Simple pelvic anatomy
  • What to expect during ‘natural labour’
  • What are contractions and how to manage them yourself
  • How to know when to call the hospital
  • What to expect during a water birth

Session 2: Pain Management & Handling Complications

  • Options available for pain management
  • What is involved during an induction
  • How you might be monitored during labour
  • Interventions used in labour

Session 3: Feeding your baby

  • Physiology of breast feeding
  • Expressing milk by hand
  • Realistic expectations and common pitfalls of breastfeeding
  • Practicalities of bottle feeding

Session 4: Coping with the first few weeks of parenthood

  • Needs of mother and baby after delivery
  • The demands of a newborn baby
  • Tools to cope with a newborn baby
  • Practical tips
  • Common parental pitfalls

In addition, we hope …

  • to provide an environment in which you can meet other pregnant couples, and benefit from a social support group
  • to lead you to the realisation that the most important outcome is a healthy baby and a healthy mum, regardless of how you get there.

The maximum group size is 8 couples and we aim to ensure that couples attending are due within 4-6 weeks of each other. Sometimes however, it will be less than this.

The course costs £120 per couple.

Please see our contact / booking page for the latest dates and locations and how to book onto the course.

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