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Peak Families

Peak Families is a new development that we hope to launch in 2018. This idea, again, sprang from feedback from previous course participants. People were keen to have a way of meeting up again. Therefore, Peak Families will be an additional monthly group held on a Saturday morning. Once you pay to become a member, you can attend as few or as many of the monthly sessions as you wish, in the year following your child’s birth. Some sessions will have guest speakers, talking about specific subjects. In addition we hope to have specialists offering breast feeding support and of course Beryl or Laura will be there to host, offer assistance or just chat! There may also be bacon cobs on offer!

Sessions will only be open to those parents who have attended a Peak Birthing antenatal course, and will enable people to meet up not only with those who were on their own course, but also those who attended the one before or after it. In this way the social support group will be much bigger.

Details will be given at the end of each Peak Birthing course.

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